Overcoming the oil and gas dependency of Russia’s economy has been a topic for endless conversation over the last 15 years. The solution came from an unexpected player. Chaikofsky Sugar was re-positioned as a “source of pure energy”, so we decided to tap into the discussion and show that an oil and gas powerhouse could become a sugar superpower.

We created a research institute — the Chaikofsky Centre for Sugar Research and invited the media to meet with the centre’s charismatic director. His ambition to popularise sugar as an energy source caught their attention with major nationals publishing stories detailing how the new fuel could even power spaceflight.

Excitement grew as a TV ‘mockumentary’, led by one of Russia’s top investigative reporters, showed Cuba using sugar to power factories, fuel cars and charge cell phones.

It became curiouser and curiouser. An advertising campaign supported the message, encouraging customers to pre-order ready-to-use packs of sugar fuel on the Chaikofsky Centre for Sugar Research website and download the blueprint for an eco-friendly computer powered by sugar-fed hamsters.

As a result, Chaikofsky brand awareness was up by 20pp to 54% and purchase intent had reached 71%. Moreover, 65% of the audience now adamant sugar as the future of alternative energy.

Created in co-authorship by request of OOO «IQ»

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